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  • On Demand:How to Drive the Adoption of People Analytics and Data-Driven HR

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    People analytics is often perceived as charts, dashboards and reports that contain metrics and numbers. However to have an actual impact, organisations need to ensure that decisions makers have the right behaviours and skills to use the tools. They need to invest in data-driven HR decision-making.

    In this webinar, we talk through the key principles of data-driven HR and how to enable it within your organisation.

    Watch now to discover:

    1. What is data-driven HR
    2. Understand how data-driven your HR and business leaders are, and how data-driven should they be
    3. What change management and adoption techniques that helps deliver the change to sustain and scale data-driven HR at your organisation
    4. How to measure the adoption of data-driven HR and the impact of people analytics over time

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